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The Surge 2 is a forthcoming action-playing game, which was created and released by Deck13 Interactive. The game is scheduled to be published in September 2019 in the aftermath of The Surge (2017), Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Surge 2 is a third person action role play game. The Surge 2 The game features a creator that enables players to personalize their avatar’s appearances and gender. A range of Melee weapons can be used by players to overcome the foes whose limbs can be separately attacked and removed.

Players can also escape and parry assaults, requiring players to angle their fitted weapons correctly. Combat drones and consumer products can also be implemented, such as bio sensors. Players can collect and equip weapons, armor enhancements or tech left by them when they kill or dismember their adversaries. City of Jericho, the setting for the game, offers alternative routes for players to explore. During the game, players will meet different characters that do not play and have to choose different things that affect the world and story of the game. Players can also leave graffiti posts for other players in their game universe.

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